Through the Power of Text Message (SMS,MMS) Marketing!

Let our Smart, AI Enhanced, SMS, MMS, RCS, Voice Platform and Technology Put Your Lead Generation and Follow up on Steroids, and Automate the Process for you at the same time with Much Less Effort on your part.



Delivery Rate

* Delivered and Noticed within minutes!



Open Rate!

* Open Rate within 3 minutes or less on average!



Click Through Rate

* Are clicking on your link to learn more and get details!



Response Rate

* Average 39% or better conversion rate, just depending on what you’re marketing!



That’s 211% better then email, social media and other forms of marketing combined!

Enhanced “Text Message Marketing Solutions (SMS, MMS, VOICE)

Our Smart SMS, MMS (AI Enhanced) tools and features will give you the ability to reach the masses quickly with your offer. SMS Gives you the Instant and Direct-Connect to New and Existing Customers within Minutes, and within a few “Clicks” of the mouse or a few “Taps” on your smart phone.  Text Messages have a 98% Delivery Rate, A 93% Open Rate (within 3 minutes or less), a 59% click through rate, and up to a 39% or better conversion rate, just depending on what you’re marketing.  Plus take advantage of our awesome “Done for You” Headlines and Message Templates, that are sure to grab your prospects attention and get them to take action on your offer!  Join IQX today and take advantage at just pennies per message sent.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of many other tools, that compliment the SMS aspect of the system and will help you to start getting results quickly!  To see more of our features and benefits, either click on the “Features” tab in the side menu or click on the Smartphone above now!

Enhanced AI Intelligent Voice Broadcasting Solutions!

Our All-Digital, Cloud-Based Voice Broadcaster Calling Platform is highly INTELLIGENT.  Paired with our SMS Marketing Solution, this makes it EXTREMELY EASY to Reach out to Thousands of Target Prospects within minutes, and then take them from a LIVE CALL or a Voice Mail, straight into an SMS texting Sequence which can provide more details.  This is a very none invasive way to market your product/service to those who are looking for what you have to offer.

As an example:  One option you’ll have when using this feature, is if the caller answers live, you can present them with a short sizzle message which will tell them to “Press 1” to receive more information via text message.  (this helps a ton as they’ll know they aren’t going to get a sales person on the other line, which will have more potential customers pressing 1 for info)


We give you total control 24/7

Because the IQX Platform is All-Digital and Cloud-Based, you can literally access the dashboard from anywhere with a WIFI connection and with any device.  You’ll be able to easily set-up campaigns, monitor everything, and even schedule things to go out in advance with our Calendar and Scheduling Feature built right in.

Campaigns can be turned ON or Off in Real Time and are Extremely Easy to manage.  With a 98% Deliverability and Success Rate, these tools and features are sure to ELEVATE your prospect and customer lists and bring you more business on demand.

Hot, Targeted Prospects, At Your Finger-Tips!

IQX can help you reach the masses quickly!  If you want to be able to put your message in front of New, Targeted Prospects…  Or even existing customers, who are actively looking for what you have to offer, then our targeted lead lists can help.

We are proud to offer some of the HOTTEST LEADS at the lowest prices (below industry standard pricing).  Our leads cover many different vertices and have all been phone verified and answered several survey questions.  Then they’ve requested and giving permission for someone to reach out to them via a phone call and or SMS in regards to your offer.  Making it easy to find the ideal customers quickly.

Connect with Thousands of New or Existing Prospects Per Minute/Hour.

With a Few Clicks of your mouse or Few Taps on your Smartphone, you could be INSTANTLY CONNECTING with New or Existing Customers automatically!

With our Real-Time Web-Based Management System, you’ll be able to almost effortlessly put your message in front of “Hundreds” or even “Thousands”!  With a 98% Delivery Rate, and 93% open rate, you can use IQX to reach the masses quickly for just pennies per message.  It’s no secret why some of the most prestigious companies, politicians, government and private agencies, as well as businesses of all kinds, use our system!

We Guarantee Network Reliability and Intelligent Marketing Solutions…  We are the MOST ADVANCED, 100% Cloud-Based, and Digital Platform Available.

Access to our Data-Base Voice Broadcaster Calling List (Residential and Business, at no additional cost)

As part of the IQX services and platform, we have a built in Database of over 220 Million Residential and Business Phone Numbers to dial.  While the residential numbers are not specifically targeted, you can target businesses by SID code.  This is just an added (No Extra cost) benefit that you’ll be able to take advantage of when using our platform.  All numbers have been verified and are not on the do-not-call-list.

As a member of IQXConnex, you’ll have the ability to pull from our list if you choose to do so (within the Voice Broadcaster).  While this is a great feature, if you want to access better targeted prospects, we highly recommend purchasing one of our lead lists once you are a member.

Postcard Feature, Including Done-For-You Templates to take advantage of

Are you ready to get more business and increase sales quickly, while saving a ton of extra expense on marketing?

Postcards or Direct Mail as we call it, has one of the highest conversion rates when it comes to marketing a business OFFLINE!  However, we figured out how to increate the already great numbers DRASTICALLY…  By combining SMS with your postcard as a Call-to-Action, but there is a secret strategy when it comes to doing this with has to do with our Built-In-Custom-QR-Code-Creator. 

Using one simple technique and strategy, we’ve seen businesses with a 300% or better increase in sales as a direct result.  You’ll be able to learn more about this on the inside!

We Are FULLY 100% FCC & TCPA Compliant

As part of the IQX services and platform, we have a built in Database of over 220 Million Residential and Business Phone Numbers to dial.  While the residential numbers are not specifically targeted, you can target businesses by SID code.  This is just an added (No Extra cost) benefit that you’ll be able to take advantage of when using our platform.  All numbers have been verified and are not on the do-not-call-list.

As a member of IQXConnex, you’ll have the ability to pull from our list if you choose to do so (within the Voice Broadcaster).  While this is a great feature, if you want to access better targeted prospects, we highly recommend purchasing one of our lead lists once you are a member.

When you decide to become a member of IQXConnex, you will get access to a ton of additonal tools, features and benefits.  To see a full list of our current and even coming soon tools, features and benefits, feel free to take a peak by clicking on the animation to the right or below now.

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We give you the tools to build any business, Faster! Better! Stronger!

Note: click or tap on a feature below to see more in-depth information

At the heart of the IQX SMS Marketing Campaign is the ability to send SMS, MMS messages in bulk to your subscribers. Or you can purchase a lead list to send to and or upload your own.  Send to 1 group at a time or multiple groups at once! Send messages to make announcements, give discounts, offer promotions, give reminders, or whatever you want to promote which can bring in massive business and result since SMS has a 98% delivery rate, 93% open rate, and open & response rate within three minutes of receipt.

Have an opt-in (SMS) list from somewhere else that you want to migrate over? Provided you have explicit consent from your subscribers that they agree to receive messages from you, you can upload your list and easily start broadcasting to them. We’ve made that process incredibly simple! Not sure if you have consent? Upload your list and the system will send out a quick message from you asking for their consent and to add them to your contacts list.​

Don’t have a list yet? No Problem, as a member of our platform we offer some of the hottest and most qualified leads in the industry (in bulk) for pennies on the dollar compared to industry standard pricing. These leads are hot and very responsive and can be purchased in many different verticals and or niches. Our most popular is our Biz Opp Seeker Leads… Most leads have been survey and phone verified.

You will simply create a group, attached an SMS auto-responder, if you wish, purchase your leads, and they will be delivered within minutes, right to your group.  If you’re auto-responder is turned on and ready to go, messages will start going out within 15 minutes automatically.

If you don’t have an SMS auto-responder setup yet, you can always simply broadcast to your list.

With built in Calendar Feature, easily schedule out messages in advance. This is a great way to ensure your customers/prospects won’t forget about you. We give you full control of your SMS messaging and the ability to put together messages and schedule when you want them to go out. You can send them out instantly (within 10-15 minutes in bulk) or schedule them a day, a week or even months in advance.​

Our unique A.I. enhanced SMS allows you to create AUTOMATED Q&A responses which can be kicked off by a “Press 1” Voice Broadcasting Transfer, Scanning a QR Code and or Texting a preferred keyword to your SMS Assigned Number. You can have multiple numbers, multiple keywords and create as many Q&A sequences as you want, (just depending on your membership level). This is great for gathering valuable information, growing your list and then sending your prospect to whatever link you want them to go to… This can be all automated to your desired specifications.

After a person/customer/prospect joins your list via the initial SMS Campaign, automatically attach your subscribers to an SMS auto-responder campaign that will continue to send them follow up messages and engage them on a preset schedule much like an email auto-responder only with much higher deliverability and open rate.

Create as many different groups and campaigns as you would like! (just depending on which membership level you have will depend on your available options)

We have added MMS Capabilities! This allows you to send more robust text message with pictures included. Easily bring the best of email and or social media marketing with the urgency of SMS to communicating with your prospects. Paint a better picture and or video with rich media messaging easily sent to everyone on your list, with near-100% open rates and fast response times (within 3 minutes or less of receipt). This feature will surely take your instant messaging and follow up capabilities to another level.

One of our best and most used features, is our Custom QR Code Create.  Easily Create and Brand QR Codes to your liking.  You’ll also have many different abilities and add on features with this tool at your disposal.  For Example; Send your prospects to an SMS Form for Capturing their information, before forwarding them to your promotion via the link they will receive in their text message.  This can be a key feature when it comes to building your list and then being able to send out instant text messages to keep in consistent communication with all of your customers!

You can build both Static and Dynamic QR Codes!

Allow potential prospects/customers to join an SMS marketing list through a web based form that can easily be put on any capture page or website you have.  Or you can also use our Mobile Splash Page builder with this feature.   This provides yet another cost-effective avenue to reach and attract new consumers/prospects and automatically subscribe them to your Text (SMS) Campaign.

Perfect for users that want to be able to easily create your own mobile friendly pages with video, images, opt-in forms, QR codes, Buttons, etc. As well as a built in WIZIWIG Editor.  Then send those pages via URLs or short links, out to your subscriber lists. It works great for those you want to invite to check out your business and get them to subscribe to your SMS & email lists.

These pages are point and click easy to build within minutes, then simply save and they’re ready to go!

With our group segmenting function, you can easily segment your prospects into groups. This organizes your contacts and allows you to keep all your subscribers organized and know where they are coming from. This can be done in advance per marketing campaign or you can manually move prospects into other groups at anytime within the platform…. It’s a great way to keep track of everything and stay in contact with your subscribers for the right reasons…​

You have the option to shorten your links so they don’t take up as many characters in your text messages, leaving more room for your actual content. Easily track how many clicks were made for a given link to see how effective your message actually was. A very helpful little tool in determining different aspects of any campaign. You can use this with the autoresponders, polls, contests or wherever you want as well. You’ll have insight on what messages work and what didn’t, allowing you to tweak your message content as needed.​

Within the System we have added a ton of the best attention grabbing headlines for you to take full advantage of.  Use these to attract prospects and build curiosity.  You can use them as they are or edit them if you’d like.

And don’t forget to check out our Message Templates as well.

We’ve added a ton of the hottest message templates for all different types of categories and niches that you can take advantage of.  These messages are meant to get your prospects to take action and click on your links in your message.  Feel free to use them as they are or edit them if you wish.

Upload Your List or use one of ours and send a Voice Broadcast message out to (the masses) a targeted audience of potential prospects. Both “Live Answer” and “VM Delivery” after a prospects presses “1” to receive a text message with more information. This is just one more way to easily reach out to a large list and get those most interested in learning more into your Automated SMS Campaign Stat.

When you become a member/affiliate of IQX, we automatically assign you a number or multiple numbers according to the membership you purchased. Depending upon what level of membership you are at will depend on how many messages you are able to send out at one time and per day. This phone number can also be tied to multiple keywords and campaigns.

IQXConnex gives you the ability for users to engage via keyword marketing. Mobile keywords are an element of mobile marketing campaigns to appeal to a certain target market. You’ll get access to choose your keywords! People will be able to sign up for your text campaign by texting in a keyword. With the founders club position, set as many different campaigns or keywords as you like.​

Note: Keywords may be limited depending on your membership package

2-way SMS chat allows you to jump into the conversation with a prospect when needed all with a built in SMS instant messenger interface! You can also send and receive text messages via your own phone or email… This will help you to answer additional questions if needed and convert more leads to buyers. While our automated A.I. will do a good job at gathering information and answer some questions. Its always best if a prospect has additional questions, that you are able to communicate directly with them via text message!

Easily get/receive email notices when someone texts in something to your SMS # (SMS to Email). You can then respond directly to that email (if needed) from your email client, our system will take that email and send your response back via text message (Email to SMS). A great and very useful tool if your prospect has additional questions., plus it makes it easier to keep track of the conversations as well since you’ll have multiple ways of communication.

Once you’ve got an initial campaign setup and ready to go live, before you publish a live version of your SMS campaign, send a draft to your mobile number so you know exactly what your campaign will look like before going live. This will ensure that if you missed something you can be sure to fix it without any issues in advance.

You will also have a “live preview” of what it will look like on the SMS dashboard as well.

Note:  Always preview your campaigns before sending them out to your prospects list. 😉

This one is simply and pretty much self explanatory. Easily add subscribers/contacts with-in seconds with our IQX quick add widget. This makes it much easier to grow your audience on the go.

When you are out and about, possibly talking to people that seem interested, just quickly add them and they’ll start receiving the information automatically via SMS within seconds.

Yes, we have a contact management system built into our platform. Very simple to use and contains your contacts/subscribers along with many other features and benefits. Easily search for and manage all of your subscribers. For every new subscriber that joins a list by SMS or other methods You’ll be able to view the source for each. Many comprehensive features are included.

Easily view detailed stats like # of successful messages, # of failed messages, reason the message failed, and the ability to delete any subscribers from your lists and campaigns that have failed to receive messages for any reason.​

Basically get a 30 thousand foot view of how your SMS campaigns are doing and then make changes accordingly.

Easily schedule and send appointment reminders to your audience ensuring they won’t forget about an appointment, up coming webinar, zoom meeting etc. Search for your contact one by one or in groups, then easily schedule an SMS to go out to them and remind them of your event… Again, this can be done for individuals and or for groups, similar to recurring messages but more for segmenting individual prospects or certain groups.​

Want to get on your contacts good side? There is nothing easier then having our system send out a “Happy Birthday Text” once they are subscribed to your list to make them feel special on their birthday and this can go a very long way. Our platform will automatically ask for this information inside their profile or via the SMS and then send them a birthday text message from you. This can be easily customized to your liking, it could even be used to send over an SMS Birthday Card or Message and give them a special discount or gift. Definitely a good engagement strategy.​

Every time you get another subscriber, you can opt to turn on Alerts which the system will send you every time someone else joins your list. You can have this happen as they join or receive a once per day summary.

Also, get low credit balance email alerts so you’ll always be aware of when to replenish your credits for SMS marketing.​

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or you own a brick and mortar business, these will help you to keep your customers coming back for more. Forget those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. Offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy. There are multiple ways these can be used and it’s only limited by your own imagination. Just a simple text with the program punch code for that day and points are automatically tracked for given users. Different loyalty programs can be created with each having their own start and end date.​

The digital loyalty kiosk is a cutting edge tool that lets you create an easy to use kiosk display. It will provide your onsite customers with a user friendly display – letting them join your loyalty program online or through a brick and mortar type scenario right through their mobile device, check-in to a loyalty program and check their current status. We give you the ability to completely and easily customize every aspect of this to your liking for your customers and or potential prospects.​

Fully Done for You Postcard Marketing! While online marketing is great, offline marketing can be a key component if done correctly. Combine postcards with SMS marketing & QR Codes to drastically improve your campaigns engagement. You have access to done for you templates or you can upload your own design. Choose to Add a QR Code as well as your custom SMS # to give a prospect EASY CTA’s (Call to Action) that can be accessed instantly from any mobile device. With a few simple clicks of your mouse you can purchase done for you campaigns that include hot leads & we will do everything else including having them mailed out for you. Get ready to ramp up your marketing offline!​

As a member of IQXConnex you will also be an affiliate automatically, and we have a pretty great compensation plan.  Just depending on the level you join will depend on how much or how little you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

Our Compensation plan pays several different ways.  We pay direct commissions of 50% on 3 different levels.  We also pay an addition 15% down 3 tiers on each level.  This is paid on the up-front activation fees.

You will also be able to Earn on the Monthly Membership Fees.  You get paid on up to 3 levels and 3 tiers deep.  This is passive residual income that you will continue to receive as you and your team refer new members to the IQX platform.

And the best part is, you can actually use this system and platform to do all the hard work for you!  So no having to chase or bother people if you aren’t into that sort of thing. ;)

A Few Additional Yet Important Key Elements

IQX makes it easier than ever for you to mange your subscribers without even leaving the system. You can literally create and move your data (subscribers) from group to group and easily segment them as needed just depending on what campaigns you are running/testing.

Note:  You’ll also have the ability to Import and Export your data whenever you want, in and out of the system with ease.

Just visualize if you will for a moment, all of the important KPI’s that you need to make informed decisions about your campaigns and your business. The dashboard makes everything very visible at a glance so you can continuously fine-tune your mobile marketing campaigns to perfection.

From the Dashboard, you’ll also be able to get a more in-depth history of every campaign you send and all the details are recorded for reference.

Easily see important statistics against any time range such as total campaigns, total messages sent, total deliveries and much more.

Also, with our Subscriber Reporting, see exactly who is opting in and out to measure effectiveness of your mobile campaigns

We fully stand behind cellular compliance. IQX will make sure that if a number in your database had not received a disclaimer, it will notify you to keep you safe.

With IQX we can assure you that all of your personal data and subscriber data is protected and secured by our industry leading SSL encryption as well as other security measures.

We fully stand behind cellular compliance. IQX will make sure that if a number in your database had not received a disclaimer, it will notify you to keep you safe.

Unlike other providers, we pride ourselves in being 100% compliant.  We appreciate your loyalty and trust as we continue to provide services to Big Corporations, Political Parties, Government Agencies, Non profits, Private Parties and Small Business since 2003.

Much More To Come As We Are Always Building and Developing